Smuggler Street

By blakely737


Sesame Street and Star Wars. Ernie and Cookie monster are the best smugglers around. They even made the Cookie Run in less than 12 parsecs!

Shirts for the whole family. Printed on charcoal grey baby onesies, youth, Mom and Dad tees.

About the Artist


Chad (blakely737) Blakely rocketed to Earth aboard a spacecraft, the last surviving member of his doomed alien race. Found by a loving family, he was raised as one of their own, never knowing he wasn’t of this Earth; a stranger living in a strange land. Now he thrives among us, living a double life…. Teaching the junior high students to draw during the day, and at night…Chad tranforms into a strange creature, using his alien abilities to draw comic books, in an attempt to subvert the comic book and t-shirt world and reshape it in his twisted image. The first attempt was 2011′s KIDNAPPING KEVIN SMITH, a original graphic novel, arrived with the acclaim “Every year 1,000s of comics are published…and this is ONE of them!” His second foray was 2012′s ASTONISHING ADVENTURES, a book that made his 9 year old son a celebrity in his elementary school and the comic booking world said was a rollicking good time. 2013 saw the release of his newest work, THE CON JOB! To this day, Blakely toils away in an undisclosed location, unlocking the age old secrets of Comicbookery and Geeky Awesomeness!!!